Control Emotional Eating


Let us first tell you some facts about emotional eating:

  1. Emotional eating is a result of stress in which eat foods which are rich in carbohydrates and the nutrition level is very low.
  2. There is a big difference in eating in short term and eating emotionally.
  3. Like other issues, it is also assumed that emotional eating is an outcome of so many factors that affects your emotions.
  4. There are many symptoms of emotional eating if you are aware of them.
  5. Health doctors and many other food nutritionists say that emotional eating is due to mental and physical issues.
  6. If emotional eating is left untreated it will lead to obesity, overweight and food addiction which is quite difficult to quit.
  7. Resolving issues or confusions is the better way to handle your emotional issues rather eating food when you are upset.
  8. Emotional eating can be controlled if you are aware of it, that how it happens and how you can take measures to control it. Also try weight loss pills for women to control emotional eating.

Most of the people think that emotional eating is due to lack of discipline and self- control but if it had been so simple everyone would have controlled it. Eating in a disordered way or having foods that are bad for your health in emotional trauma is the same thing but it’s not just the matter of discipline and self-control. It is something more than it and there are few reasons which will explain to you that how it is happening and what you doing wrong in your daily routine. Some of the reasons are as under:


Emotional eating is the result of eating not in a conscious way and doctors called it as unconscious eating. Unconscious eating can also be called as when you are done eating and you still eat unconsciously just to feel good and when you are done with your plate of a meal and you still pick up the last things left on your plate that is also termed as emotional eating. Now you know the reasons let’s talk about the solution of it. Eat mindfully, give full attention to what you are eating and think about it that why you are eating it because this will help you and you will stop eating unconsciously.


It’s a scientific research that when people were asked that when they were not feeling hungry why they eat food? So the answer was that after a long hectic day in office we need a soothing thing that can calm us and after a tiring day we chose to eat ice-cream that will make us calm. So, do think why ice cream calms you? Because these sugar-containing foods contain drugs to which you are addicted and you cannot leave a drug addiction so easily. The solution for it try eating fruits or vegetables instead of ice cream to soothe yourself and if aim strongly then only you can leave this drug addiction which is making you a patient of obesity. You can also try Phen24 which will also help you maintain your diet.


It may sound different but it is the fact that body hating is a factor of emotional eating and it is due to the negativity of people, jealousy from others and many other things which will lead you to emotional eating. Because at some stage of your life you start getting jealous of other and you start hating your body due to it and you become a patient of emotional eating. The solution for it is that you should be positive, always think positive that whatever you are you are good and blessed to have such a good body and do not envy anyone because when you will be confident about yourself then there is no chance that you will become victim of emotional eating and you will be able to control it easily.


Thus, we told you about some of the main reasons for emotional eating and we tried our best to make you aware that much emotional eating is destroying you. Whenever you have any kind of meal just try to focus on that meal and leave behind the worldly affairs because if think about worldly affairs during our meals so we will never be able to control to emotional eating because there are so many things around us that disturb us a lot and we can only control them by just not thinking about them. When you come home and you are tired so please do not try to rest yourself with any food that is rich in sugar because it will not soothe you it will only harm you. Also, try Phen24 to control your emotional eating. Chrissy Metz Weight Loss

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