How much testosterone should i inject?

Testosterone is primary male sex hormone. It is produced in the testicles of men. Females also contain a small amount of testosterone and it is produced in their ovaries. The adrenal glands in both genders also produce a small amount of the hormone. The hormone has a key role in muscle strength, metabolism, immune system and sex drive.

Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone. Any type of testosterone you may consume otherwise has been manufactured synthetically. Testosterone is listed as a anabolic-androgenic steroid. This means it can assist you in gaining lean muscle without losing significant body fat. Best Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone also happens to form the basis of many steroid cycles. So the amount of hormone you will consume will rely on various factors such as your target weight, goals and experienced you may have incurred with the consumption of steroids earlier.

Side effects of testosterone

Now there is no need to be scared of this hormone. It is already present in the body in large concentration so you will not observe any major side effects. Ironically even the worst side effects of testosterone are predicable and can be managed effectively.  You just require the proper cycle support.

The side effect which scares people mostly is that testosterone might be converted in to estrogen. This process is known as aromatization. This process has many undesirable effects such as water retention, high blood pressure, swelling of the face and low libido. There is not to worry much though as these side effects can be negated to some extent. This is possible through an aromatase inhibitor. Nevertheless you should keep in mind that some testosterone will be converted in to estrogen no matter what especially when you are consuming high dosages of this steroid.

Testosterone injection dosage

The dosage of testosterone is a major question. There are many types of testosterone and each is injected in its unique way. Even the seasoned injectors find themselves losing track while assigning them with a dosage. This is basically because of all the information floating over the internet. You are bound to be misguided.

The reality is that there are no one-size-fits all dosage of testosterone. The dosage depends on many factors such as

  • Age
  • Muscle mass
  • Weight
  • Medical history

However there are some guideline and parameters every one can follow generally.


If you are not comfortable with taking an injection you should go for the Testogen supplement. Testogen is all natural formula. It helps you gain on testosterone without having to feel the needle prick. It is highly beneficial in terms for hormone replacement. Testogen helps gain in muscle and increases your libido. You will feel energized and will be able to fight abdominal fat. Testogen is widely acclaimed formula and can help you save yourself from going through an injection.

Testosterone for the Hormone Replacement therapy

If you have low testosterone and have been prescribed for hormone replacement therapy then you will be required to take a daily dosage of this hormone. The maximum dosage which can be assigned to you will be 250g. The dosage will be assigned to you considering the half life of the hormone and the total dosages you require.

You and your physician are the best people to determine what is best for you. A single bi-weekly injection is quite a feasible option for some individuals but some might go for regular updates on their dosages.

Testosterone injection for performance enhancers

Performance enhancer testosterone injection will require you to intake more testosterone than the Hormone Replacement therapy. HRT only brings back your testosterone to the normal level. Performance enhancing injection gives you a higher amount of testosterone. You have to go beyond normal. This dosage will fall in between 400mg or 500mg. If you consume anything less than this dosage you will observe no effect.

How to inject

Testosterone injections are very easy to administer. They are very easy to perform and have virtually no pain. It does not take more than 30 seconds to inject and you will be over with the job. Depending on the type and amount of testosterone you have to inject the methodology will be changed.

Nevertheless remember to take a small needle size for maximum comfort. You should use a small needle size and rotate it in the legs and areas. The injection only takes a minute to draw so refrain from warming up the oil. The smaller needle size not only reduces pain but also helps avoid long term scar tissue build up.

Testosterone can be injected in to the body but always remember not to exceed the prescribed dosage. It is essential for your health. If you do otherwise you might suffer from permanent damage including infertility. So inject safely and enjoy the benefits.